Old Time Bubblegum - AJ's Farm

Old Time Bubblegum is grown by AJ's farm, about 2.5 hours south east of Denver in the plains of Boone, Colorado. With hopes to be the greenest of the green in the industry, AJ grows in an underground greenhouse using an amazing combination of both indoor and "sun-grown" farming practices called GroGeo, LLC.. AJ's family run farm has a near zero footprint and is a fully sustainable facility.

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All of AJ's cannabis is grown in an underground greenhouse which provides the light and darkness needed for cannabis cultivation. The greenhouse effect magnifies the light of the sun during the day and transitions to complete darkness at night. All the while, CO2 is pumped into the grow surrounding the plants and giving them added nourishment to flourish. This results in big plump juicy flowers aka buds!


Visiting AJ's grow is truly a marvel of modern farming techniques paired with sustainability and a family run business. Their environmentally friendly farm even uses compost made on site and they churn their own local soil!

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We are proud to present AJ's Old Time Bubblegum. A sweet flowery Sativa with a rich berry taste and smell. Old Time Bubblegum starts with a creative, uplifting and active high and is followed by a relaxing body high. We hope you enjoy this authentically sun-grown strain.


“Small family farmers are the only things that can save us because they take care of the land. Future Farmers of America are going to be our heroes." - Willie Nelson


By: Rachel Hurvitz & Ryan Petri West

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