Southern Charm Organics

Location: Gunnison, CO

Established: 2014

Grower: Fred Woerner IV


Why Cannabis?

I have always loved cannabis. I come from three generations of farmers, so cultivating cannabis was always an interest. When the opportunity to cultivate cannabis as a business arose, I couldn’t pass it up.

Why Your Cannabis?

We put quality of product first. If plants need a few more days, we let them have it. We try not to let numbers influence how we grow. We always want to grow product we would like to consume. As for the hardest won victories, there’s such a learning curve scaling up, there are many small victories that all feel hard won.

Why Willie's Reserve?

Growing up in a rural farming community in southern Alabama, Willie has always been a hero – not only for me, but to family and friends, as well. We feel we are so blessed to be a part of this.


James Flanagin