Boone, CO

Established 2015

Grower: AJ Mollins


Why Cannabis?

We were initially drawn to this industry from a simple love of the plant. Since 2009 our goal has been to grow the healthiest, highest quality cannabis on the market. From the very beginning we have been motivated by the individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by the medicinal use of cannabis; helping these people has been a driving force in advancing the way we cultivate.

Why Your Cannabis?

We are extremely proud of our methodology; our cannabis is grown organically in the most living, organic soil we can create. We are dedicated to maximizing probiotic compounds in the soil as well as other sustainable practices, which work to lower our carbon footprint. AJ’s is grown in a facility that utilizes renewable energies to create an optimal growing environment for our plants. Moreover, we recycle all of our byproducts so there is very little waste. We have set out to be the greenest in this “green” industry. Thus far, our hardest won victory has been the creation of this underground “sun grown” hybrid facility, which enables us to use as little man-made energy as possible without compromising the quality of our cannabis. We all know that growing indoors is energy intensive and our goal is to reverse that trend and be a leader toward a more ecologically sound growing environment.

Why Willie's Reserve?

Growing for Willie’s Reserve is a great honor! He has been a backer for small farmers and hard working Americans along with being one of the most well know musicians of our time! We have dedicated countless hours of research in pursuit of the best means to cultivate cannabis in probiotic, living soil using sustainable methods; we believe that consumers of Willie’s Reserve expect the brand to support farmers that have worked hard to grow in an ecologically responsible way.


James Flanagin