Sundance Gardens

Location: Denver, CO

Established: 2009

Grower: Jason Ray

Why Cannabis?

I was drawn to cannabis at a very young age! My parents are from the generation of great music, freedom, and incredible ganja. I've been involved commercially on the medical side here in Colorado since 2009 but have been around this plant for decades. I am passionate about quality, flavor, strong potent cannabis, and helping people feel great no matter which type of marijuana makes them feel great!

Why Your Cannabis?

Sundance Gardens was founded on the principles of great plants. Here at Sundance Gardens, we believe pampered plants make for a better, more potent product. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in the marijuana cultivation field. Each staff member was carefully screened not only for experience, but the quality of experience. Sundance Gardens strives for the best grown marijuana in the state. Our clients are saying the same, too.

Why Willie's Reserve?

Willie Nelson has been a cannabis connoisseur since before I was born! To be a partner with this company and to be farming plants and strains that he chose out of all of the many companies he has to chose from makes everyone at Sundance Gardens even more proud of what we do than we were before the partnership! 

James Flanagin