Bloom County

Location: Denver, CO

Established: 2008

Grower: Chad Culp

Why Cannabis?

My partners and I started up our warehouse in 2008. We have always loved cannabis and the dream of growing legally is what drew us to the business. We are passionate about growing the best cannabis in the world.

Why Your Cannabis?

We take pride in others recognizing our quality. Our product has won two cannabis cups, two 710 cups and one secret cup. There’s really four important factors to growing quality cannabis. Growers that care, genetics, environment, and nutrient recipe. Being in business from the beginning and staying in the business is our hardest won victory.

Why Willie's Reserve?

We think Willie is on the Mt. Rushmore of cannabis. We are honored and looking forward to representing him. We love the fact that WR is partnering with small farmers and not going with the big cannabis trend that other brands have chosen to go with.


James Flanagin