Category One Botanicals, LLC

Location: Huerfano County, Colorado

Established: 7/15/2016

Owner & Operator: Dr. John P. Janovec and Jason D. Wells



Why Cannabis?

For most of our adolescence and adult life we have been moved by Cannabis – the Plant – sister to Hops, member of the Cannabinaceae Family of Flowering Plants, and our curiosity to know and grow her has led us on a circuitous route to becoming involved with family and elder associates in the licensed grow company, Category One Botanicals, LLC, in Huerfano County, Colorado.  At the root of our passion we know that Cannabis was born with the human conscience along with essential plants like Barley, Potatoes, and Rice.  Cannabis progeny and the stories – those early case studies – were passed down the line through the vast roots of knowledge until eventually they were documented in early Chinese herbals.  From there the story grows and now we as Cannabis growers find ourselves continuing the grand process and lasting relationship with this unique plant that our ancestors began to domesticate out of necessity many millennia ago.  Unlike most other anthropogenically essential plants, the Cannabis Plant has been discriminated against for too long in modern times despite its well-documented benefits to the health and spirit of Humankind.  

As licensed Growers of legal Cannabis in the State of Colorado, we are dedicated to using our scientific and technical background and experience to bring this plant out of the dark by setting standards in organic production methods and helping to foster a broader understanding of the importance of Cannabis in our lives.

Why Your Cannabis?

With over 50 years of experience in the Agricultural and Botanical Sciences involving academia, industry, and international research from the temperate to the tropical regions of the Americas, we recently journeyed home to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of quality Classic Cannabis.  Our experience in the field in both profit and non-profit environments enables us to achieve an excellence in our production methods as well as a social responsibility to the local community.

With science first, we manage the Category One Team that consists of accomplished botanists, horticulturists, and industry professionals who apply research-based solutions for measurable results.  We’re proud of being part of the Colorado legal Cannabis industry and we strive to employ as many local residents as possible and to invest in the region, Huerfano County.

Common sense and respect for our natural resources guide our commitment to implementing practices such as sunshine-driven production, utilization of natural, probiotic soils, organic nutrients, and the propagation of our plants without the use of inorganic chemicals and fertilizers.

We are also active in safeguarding the future accessibility of Cannabis genetics with our focus on proprietary land race strains and our interest in breeding.  The result is a Category One Cannabis Product Line that guarantees a classic appeal of dense, resinous texture, documented rich terpene profiles, a diversity of fragrances, and a pleasantly smooth taste.  We hope you enjoy!

Why Willie's Reserve?

On behalf of Category One Botanicals, LLC, we are proud to have the opportunity to join the Willie’s Reserve Independent Farmer Network as a source of clean, green Classic Cannabis grown in Colorado sunshine and Category One living soil ecosystems!  Willie Nelson means many things to us.  As an Artist, he has touched our lives uncountable times in many circumstances.  His songs always tap the flow of distant memories of people and places, such as of our Elders who planted seeds in us as youngsters in rural America.  As an Activist, Willie has fought for the lives and rights of Farmers and the Preservation of Nature for future generations, and his work to promote the significance and wise use of Cannabis has helped forge the long road to current legalization movements across the USA and throughout the world!  We are pleased to be representing Willie Nelson and his brand.  

We believe that Willie’s Reserve is doing it correctly by tapping into the production capabilities of local growers each with their own little twist on the process.  Most importantly, Willie’s Reserve is giving recognition to growers like us by crediting them on the brand’s products, and the fact that they are focusing in on organically grown Cannabis will have a lasting, positive impact on the trajectory and history of the booming industry.  

Molly Parnell