Fat Face Farms

Established: 10/15/2015

Location: Denver, Colorado

Head Growers: Andrew Pritchett, Jesse Moss


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Why Cannabis?

Andrew Pritchett:
All my life I have been fascinated by plants. Some of my fondest memories are of my mom in her garden. I always remember her being surrounded by beautiful plants and enjoying the outdoors and the beauty it has. I would always help her and learn about various plants, herbs and flowers. She was an inspiration on the medical side of it as well, we spent time together looking to the medical benefits of cannabis and various ways it can help people. We started some small medical plants and my curiosity boomed! Between both of my parents I had experienced both, the small individual medical side of growing as well as commercial growing. I have and am still learning about medical benefits, the history of the plant, the turmoil and successes it has caused throughout history, the practicality of products derived from hemp, and the many ways to grow and maintain cannabis. 
Jesse Moss:
I went to school to be a medical doctor, but I fell out of love with the medical industry. However, when I witnessed multiple cases of seriously ill people finding solace and treatment with cannabis I was excited to look deeper into the medical side of the cannabis industry. Eight years later I am helping manage a successful cannabis company. 

Why Your Cannabis?

As a whole we are always looking at ways we can improve ourselves and our operation. We look at new techniques, processes and everything in between to try and cater our progressions for the best outcome. We take high regard in customer feedback and look forward to helping others in any way we can. We try to put quality cannabis in the hands of buyers at competitive rates.

Why Willie's Reserve?

We look forward to working with Willie’s Reserve because we know how important it is to hold yourself to a high standard and we identify with Willie himself because we know he would only want the best product. Fat Face Farms can supply Willie’s Reserve with flower that parallels the same values. He is a pioneer to the industry and it would make our, small family owned, grow proud to say that we could be a part of his legacy.


Molly Parnell