The Flower Collective

Nederland, Co

Established: 2013

Grower: Dori Littman


Why Cannabis?

The Flower Collective started developing in 2013 between two college buddies with very different skill sets. We had a dream and no time to achieve it, so we would meet after school and work night shifts developing our business. After a few months I dropped out and my partner quit his day job, so we could fully commit to our business.

Why Your Cannabis?

We knew that we wanted to grow and produce what we wanted to toke. Simple ingredients, fire genetics and a grow outfitted with cleanrooms and hairnets. When you toke TFC you only toke flower, no dog hair, no contaminants. We believe in simple ingredients, time-honored traditions and lab standard cleanliness.

Why Willies Reserve?

I grew up on outlaw country and it showed me there was another way. That I could simultaneously be authentically Texan and a hippy at heart. Thanks Willie for staying steadfast and keeping cannabis culture alive during the dark times. TFC is excited to see were you take the culture next.

Molly Parnell