Mahoney Farms

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Established: 2/1/2016

Head Grower: Paul Mahoney and Adam Hoak 



Nestled in the Port of Tacoma, Washington, our farmer partners Mahoney Greens host a modest, yet boisterous indoor growing facility. Owners, Adam Hoak and his father in law Paul Mahoney have a long standing connection, not only as family, but as business partners as well. The two started their business relationship as restaurateurs and while Adam has been growing cannabis for some time, they launched their wholesale growing facility Mahoney Greens in February 2016.

Both saw the newly minted recreational market in Washington as a budding opportunity. "It was hot and new," says Hoak. Adam developed his growing skills through the old school Washington medical community, and now brings these traditional growing tactics to the recreational market. Hoak credits Mahoney Greens' tried and true watering system and attention to detail to their beautiful flowers.

Willie’s Reserve is proud to partner with Mahoney Greens and to share a partnership.   A favorite strain in house is Dutch Treat. This strain has some heavy yields and rocks a high THC percentage too. We at Willie's Reserve can graciously attest to sweet and piney terpene flavor profile on this strain. It certainly is a treat. Keep an eye on the shelves for more strains by Mahoney Greens including a team favorite Day Tripper.

Molly Parnell