Moon Made Farms

Location: Garberville, CA

Year Established: 2009

Grower Name: Tina Gordon



Why Cannabis?

Regenerative cannabis cultivated under full spectrum sun and the night sky is the most powerful plant on the planet.

Why Your Cannabis?

Moon Made Farms believes the eternal spirit exists in three expressions: music, art, and cannabis. I devoted the first half of my life to music and art and I am devoting the second half to cultivating Sungrown Moon Made cannabis. We acknowledge the feminine in this all powerful plant though lunar and regenerative farming. Her sticky sweet seduction is what rules all of her devoted fans who understand she brings the inspiration, so we can embrace the creative. Our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life for all living things including this planet. Onward!

Why Willie’s Reserve?

Moon Made Farms believes that it's important to honor those who came before us and those who are the next in line. Willie Nelson is among a small handful of influential cannabis trailblazers responsible for gifting us the privilege to cultivate cannabis in the open air today. Willie insisted on his right to have access to cannabis by boldly saying "stick it to the man." He made strides toward legalization as a high profile advocate. Willie represents the spirit of the cannabis movement before it became an industry. Thank you Willie! This joint's for you!

Molly Parnell