Northwest Harvesting Co.

Location: Elma, WA

Established: 2014

Grower: Brandon Oppegaard


Why Cannabis?

The opportunity to do what we're so passionate about and share it with both old and new friends is what compelled us to seek licensing. We've been involved in the industry since the inception of a recreational cannabis market here in Washington, although cannabis dates back multiple generations in our families.

Why Your Cannabis?

We pride ourselves on growing quality cannabis, some of Washington's most desired strains, in methods that are conscious of the consumer. The most important factor when growing high quality cannabis is your environment. At Northwest Harvesting Co. All our product is grown indoors with complete environmental control. 

Why Willie's Reserve?

What Willie's Reserve stands for aligns perfectly with Northwest Harvesting Co. Producing high quality cannabis with the environment and cannabis connoisseur in mind. We couldn't see a better fit, and are honored to be involved.

James Flanagin