Oregon Grown Organics

Ashland, OR

Why Cannabis?

I have seen cannabis help a MS patient connect with his family again. A girl experience her first 24hrs without a seizure. Cancer patient on death bed live for 5 more years. I have first hand experienced these people. No government or human being can ever tell me this is wrong. We are in this industry because it supports a healthy, happy lifestyle for all including our children and Mother Earth.

Why Your Cannabis?


When it comes to your business/method/results, what brings you the most pride? In your experience, what is the most important factor for producing high quality cannabis? What has been your hardest won victory?

We are proud to offer a high quality product that is sustainable. We not only grow awesome pot but also take care of our employees by offering a amazing place to work and grow a career. The most important part of growing good cannabis is love and attention to your plants. Staying ahead of the regulations and making the correct future decisions has been the hardest.

Why Willies Reserve?

Number one, I think Mr. Nelson is awesome. Also the opportunity to work with a well established company that is going to help us achieve our dreams, is a dream come true. We also like that WR's views are inline with ours.

Molly Parnell