Sacred Valley Farmers

Location: Moffat, Colorado

Established: 12/09/2014

Owner & Operator: Kyle Grote

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Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is a medicine, and I never understood why it was illegal. Cannabis helps so many people with pain and a wide variety of medical conditions. When it became legal it made sense for us to use the same principles that we use for growing food to use for growing Cannabis.
Sun grown, Organic, and free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides have been our practices on the farm.
I believe Cannabis will help many of the issues we face with our health care. Cannabis is a great non addictive medicine that will replace a lot of harmful addicting drugs.

Why Your Cannabis?

In 2007 I started Chokurei Ranch in the San Luis valley.  We raise Tibetan Yak, chickens, Native hay, and now Cannabis. We started Sacred Valley Medicine in 2014 to help support the farm and give us the opportunity to share good medicine with the people. Our mission is to produce organic food/medicine, protect the water and to be good stewards of the land. Our Cannabis is sun grown, & completely organic and natural. We use solar power to offset our energy needs. From the beginning of the plants life cycle through the harvest we put our love and our care into it. Sacred Valley Medicine Cannabis is better for you because it is organic/natural and grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. When you try our cannabis you will feel good when you toke & know where your smoke comes from.

Why Willie's Reserve?

I have always admired Willie, and all he has done for the small American farmer. Plus all that he has done for the Cannabis movement. My wife and I met Willie and Annie at Farm Aids 30th year concert. We climbed up on the bus and I said, "Hey Willie how are you doing?", he said, "Good man how are you doing?" We felt like we knew him for years. Some stars can be fake and not have time for their fans. But Willie, he spends all day meeting his fans and then he gets up and plays the last set of the night. He is the real deal. Willie has a lot of integrity and his ideals and principles align with mine.

Molly Parnell