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Moses Lake, WA

Established 2014

Grower: Greg Haynes

Why Cannabis?

Growing up in Alaska in the 1970's brought lots of fun, excitement, and adventure. Part of the excitement was learning how to grow marijuana. The seasons were short but with the 24 hour days of summer it let the plants reach for the sky. As the fall came so quickly so did the buds. They were produced in such a short time, they were amazing as well as huge.

After a short time in college in Yakima Washington, I looked around and saw that what I wanted to do was get into something that was profitable and that I enjoyed. That turned out to be construction and development.

Why Your Cannabis?

We have established a clean, safe, and productive environment to produce a superior product. From seed to sale we continue to grow quality cannabis. Our growing practices reflect on our product all the way through curing and sale. We take great pride in the taste, smell, and appearance that is delivered to our partners.

Our staff is what helps us achieve the high standards that people see when they enter our establishment. Everyone involved takes pride and love in what we are creating.

Why Willie's Reserve?

We hope to create a long and strong relationship with the Willie Nelson Brand. With all that Willie has done with Farm Aid as well as his work with bringing this industry into legalization, how could you not want to be affiliated with his Brand? The people whom I have met during this time that are involved with the Brand has made it simple to make a decision to GROW with. 


James Flanagin