Strong Roots

Josephine County, OR


Why Cannabis?

We have been interested in cannabis since our teenage years.  In 1997 I lost my father to cancer.  Back then the medical marijuana program was just beginning to take off.  I met my wife in 1999 and together, we have been growing medically and learning tremendously about the benefits of cannabis since 2000.  We then lost her mother to cancer in 2005 which was the impetus for dedicating our focus on helping sick patients by providing them with our flower.  It was this history coupled with the growing awareness of the plant and all of its medicinal properties coupled with the fortunate mainstreaming of a burgeoning industry that continued to drive us toward the production of marijuana.  We are passionate about working hard to keep up with this crazy, rapidly-growing industry and to continue to put out a product we can be proud of and hold up against other quality farms.

Why Your Cannabis?

No matter what the farm size or growing methods I have used over the years, the most pride I feel has always been when I sit back and know I’ve produced something I want to smoke.  I enjoy smoking the best there is and I like to share with my peers.  I love to see everyone enjoying the fruits (and “flowers”) of my labor.  Just loving what we do is probably the most important factor for producing high quality cannabis.  You have to seriously enjoy your craft.  There are so many factors involved in growing.  It’s not just putting water on a plant.  From sprouting seeds to taking clones-choosing the best branch sets.  Letting the plant tell you when to top it, or re-plant it.  You have to pay attention to details-the little clues the plant gives.  We truly enjoy every step of the process and take pride in doing a stellar job.  Our hardest won victory has been the successful transition from growing medically to purchasing and getting approval for our recreational facility.  Many people have a lot of capital to invest and jump right into this industry.  We have struggled and scraped with dollars and cents to make this work-and are finally here to stay. 

Why Willies Reserve?

Growing for Willie’s Reserve is going to help put us on the map!  The opportunity to represent an icon like Willie Nelson is such a great honor for Strong Roots, and we couldn’t be more proud.  It helps to know all of our hard work is well worth the love we put into it, and we will continue to put out some of the best product around.  Product worthy of Willie’s name.  

Molly Parnell