Hard Edibles Multi-Pack

Hard Edibles Multi-Pack


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The all new lineup of infused edibles from WILLIE'S RESERVE™ sings Willie Nelson's commitment to good times and good practices. Our naturally derived flavors are crafted using 100% organic GMO-free ingredients. The pure CO2 cannabis distillate provides a consistent, delicious, and highly memorable experience.

Honeysuckle Hot
Fresh Maple Blossom
Strawberry Limonene
Mountain Berry
Sour Tangie
Cherry Watermelon
Party Pack

Honeysuckle Hot
Honey and cayenne pepper combine for a sweet and spicy break from life on the road. Stimulate the senses and wrap yourself in warmth.

Fresh Maple Blossom
Flavor, refreshed with herbal tones, will transport you back to sweet memories or inspire you to make new ones.

Strawberry Limonene
Limonene is the terpene that keeps up with the beat. Get swinging and dancing with a strawberry kick.


10 Servings (10 pieces)

10MG THC per serving

100MG THC total

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