Location: Boone, CO

Established: 2015

Owner & Operator: Jesse Witt


Why Cannabis?

We are in the industry to bring the most environmentally sound practices to this new frontier in Cannabis farming.  We only grow proven genetics using sustainable, natural cultivation methods to grow the highest quality organic product on the market.

Why Your Cannabis?

AJ's cannabis is grown in the most natural and sustainable way possible utilizing a state of the art GroGeo, LLC hybrid indoor grow facility.  Our "green" ambitions flow all the way to the reusing of our own living organic soil.  We grow many of our own nutrients on-site for probiotic living tea, which allows for the highest possible terpene profile-- the key to great buds.  The beauty of using a GroGeo designed facility is that it utilizes renewable energy, greatly reducing the energy cost while "Bringing the sun indoors".

Why Willie's Reserve?

Willie is an American icon and it is truly an honor to grow for his brand.  We know how much he is interested in sound cultivation practices and we feel our entire growing process perfectly aligns with his ambitions to support local, conscientious farmers.

James Flanagin