Year Established

 Friday, January 01, 2016

City Located

Aurora, CO


Why Cannabis?

At Mayflower Farms, Cannabis is our everything.  It's our livelihood, our medicine and our favorite way to recreate.  But most of all, Cannabis is our passion.   

Why Your Cannabis?

Our Cannabis is cultivated with pride in our state of the art cultivation facility located on the Front Range of Colorado.  We take extra care to make sure our customers receive a consistently clean and quality product every time they order from Mayflower Farms. We work hard to ensure our consistent quality by focusing on each individual strain's specific needs and characteristics. This allows us to tailor our cultivation processes to fit these needs, thus cultivating a premium product for our customers. 

Why Willies Reserve?

It is important for us to align our brand with other brands that share our same ideals about cannabis.  Willie's Reserve is dedicated to bringing the highest quality cannabis to the market place which is an ideal that we both share.  We are honored to be working with Willie's Reserve and are excited for the opportunity to represent Willie Nelson's good name.

James Flanagin