Green Chief

Location: Granite Falls, Washington

Established: November 2014

Head Grower: Demetri Huffman


Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is a peaceful practice that helps people in many different ways. I am a veteran of the sports world and cannabis has always been the preferred medicine for me instead of painkillers.  I played football at The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, and overseas in Brazil, Austria, and Italy. My passion started with growing in my closet during college, and grew from there. The cannabis community is also very important to me. The community aspect of weed has been taboo for a long time. Stoners draw stoners, but that perception is changing now. I wouldn't have half the friends I do today if it weren't for cannabis.

Why Your Cannabis?

Clean cannabis is what we take the most pride in at Green Chief's. Most people aren’t educated about the amount of heavy metals in cannabis or synesthetic products used during growing. We have one of the lowest heavy metal counts found on the market. It's not about the glitz and the glamor of weed, It's about how it smokes and how cannabis affects your body. We’d rather have a bud that looks good and smokes great, than bud that looks great, but only smokes OK. 

Why Willies Reserve?

The most compelling thing about growing for Willie's Reserve is growing for Willie Nelson himself. We stand with him in his values…not only as a cannabis activist, but also with the importance of family.  

My Grandmother had a family farm with her nine siblings in Montana and I grew up always listening to Willie Nelson. Like Willie, we strive to always put family first and to responsibly provide for our beautiful community. Willie has sacrificed so much during cannabis prohibition and my family is proud to contribute to his legacy. 

Molly Parnell