Location: Seattle, WA


In 2016, UnaFlora Owner/Founder Jason Levenson transformed an old hotel built in the 1890s which had housed everything from bar and ballroom in the 20’s to country and western music venue in the 40’s the 50s into an indoor LED Tier 2 grow. He built the entire building out himself and continues to stay involved in every detail of the business, day in day out.Jason and UnaFlora represent old-school DIY Seattle and the blue-collar work ethic that built the city of Seattle.

Jason and his wife Jen are both big music fans and have always seen a correlation between great Seattle cannabis and music. These are, after all, two of the things that Seattle does very well (see packaging).

Jason and Jen have been involved in indie/punk music and cannabis for over 30 years and the strains UnaFlora grows represents their personal taste and respect for the plant as well as tying the two together. “Music and cannabis go hand in hand” and we want to show the merging of the two passions we have.

The strain, Pink Lemonade, was chosen for its unique smell, Pink color and citrus taste and averages above 20% THC consistently. The Purps is a special strain to UnaFlora as it was chosen for its unique terpene profile and its beautiful dark purple color.

We started the Purps from seed and have dialed the strain in to be a solid, reliable and favorite strain among all who try it.

It smells like grape candy and tastes amazing.

The other strains we are very proud to grow are Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze and a special strain, Big Blue.

UnaFlora is a family run operation and Jason and Jen have done everything in the power to produce a top-shelf product they can always stand behind

Our focus is on the quality of the finished product which includes very precise mixing of our own dried nutrients based on the plant's needs and stages of growth.

Another very important factor is the curing of the flower once it has properly dried and we know that a minimum of 30 days curing is ideal for a much better and consistent final product.

Molly Parnell