In The Flow

Established:  May 2015

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Head Growers: Mike Diaz & Josh Mortenson

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Why Cannabis?

In The Flow is a local, family owned and operated cultivator, founded by four longtime friends and passionate fans of cannabis.  We love what we do and it shows!
We believe in the transformative power of cannabis to alleviate pain, uplift spirits, and open minds.  Uplifted spirits and open minds lead to living In The Flow, which is how we live our lives, tend our plants, and run our company.
Living In The Flow leads to an increased sense of engagement, performance, enjoyment, and fulfillment; encouraging us to live a life abounding with significance and purpose.

Why Your Cannabis?

We are cannabis connoisseurs focused on ensuring the highest quality by maintaining small batches, attention to detail, and natural growing techniques. We believe that a clean environment, optimal soil health, and plants naturally rich in terpenes are the best way to ensure connoisseur grade flower. Our secret ingredients are Mike & Josh in the garden every day caring for "their girls" and giving them the individual care they require to thrive.
We strive to carefully cultivate a flower for everyone so that they may experience an elevated purpose within their own lives and Find Their Flow.

Why Willies Reserve?

Willie's uplifting music and dedication to supporting local, American farmers has always inspired us.  His unapologetic support of cannabis helped pave the way for the recent overturning of outdated and life ruining laws prohibiting the use of this wondrous plant.  Thank you Willie, for all you have done to support both worthwhile causes!

Molly Parnell