Location: Denver, Colorado

Established: 11-27-2014

Head Grower: Jason Maclean


Why Cannabis?

Not only is amazing but I first became interested in growing cannabis when a friends father of mine had a little outside setup going.  I thought the cannabis plant was so beautiful and stunning.  Ever since then I have spent everyday perfecting my craft. After a few years experience and learning the plant chemistry more, I came to realize how the plant can change peoples lives.  I feel blessed to be doing something I love everyday.

Why Your Cannabis?

I am asked this question a lot and for me its mainly cleanliness, quality, and the amount of time and care myself and my crew put into the final product.  We at Cherry use a pharmaceutical grade nutrient with very little salts and no heavy metals.  Working directly with Rx Solutions we have been able to develop some of the highest quality cannabis in Colorado.  Also, we use very little approved pesticides and try to use organic methods to control all diseases, pathogens, and pests.  One of our favorite things to use is predator mites and order them locally for environmental friendliness along with local coco and soil.  When developing our product we are striving to be as economically friendly as possible, being that this is a very energy driven business.  The team at Cherry takes pride in their work and it shows in the end product.

Why Willies Reserve?

Not only is Willie Nelson a legend but a pioneer in the cannabis movement.  The Willies Reserve brand stands behind the small farmer, the farmer that has put time and sweat into perfecting their craft.  Working with the Willies Reserve brand is an honor and privilege.

Molly Parnell