Durango Cannabis Company

Location: Durango, CO

Established: 05-30-2016


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Why Cannabis

The proven benefits and hundreds of uses for the cannabis plant are what made us fall in love with the business.  We want to share high quality cannabis with the world. The sense of community and positive direction cannabis provides has helped so many people, and we are excited to continue to promote this healing herb in all its forms. Our local community comes first and we can't think of a better way to serve them, than by growing and sharing our cannabis and our story with as many people as possible.

Why Your Cannabis?

The mission of Durango Cannabis Company is to "Elevate Traditional Cannabis Cultivation"  We believe in producing, and ensuring that the strains that you know and love will always be around for you, and future generations to enjoy.  Preserving the genetic legacy of traditional strains.  Growing them in quality  locally sourced soil, and using the best sustainable growing practices is at the heart of our operation. Every strain that we produce is genetically tested and verified, so that you know what you are enjoying is the real deal. Grown with love and passion in the Colorado mountains, we can't wait for you to taste the Durango difference!    

Why Willie's Reserve?

Willie has always had such a passion for cannabis and for our community as a whole.  His tireless efforts to support local cultivators and promote a sustainable industry has been a model for all of us working to bring this great movement to the mainstream.  As a small, family farm, we are so excited to have the opportunity to work with a company like Willies Reserve, who can help us reach beyond our small town limits.  It really is the best way to get high quality, small batch cannabis to the consumer!  

Molly Parnell