Yerba Buena

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Year Established: 2015

Grower Name: Laura Day



Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is a powerful and sacred plant that has provided healing for many and has played an integral role in the lives of all of us at Yerba Buena. We recognize that as the industry emerges, it is our responsibility to be a steward for the plant and present it to the world in a positive way. Cannabis supports a movement, one that addresses personal freedom to choose one's medicine, recreation, and pursuit of happiness as well as social justice issues of unequal incarceration and gender equality. Cannabis is here to heal more than us as individual, it's here to support a greater shift of humanity.

Why Your Cannabis?

At Yerba Buena, we cultivate our cannabis organically with two certification to that affect; Clean Green and Certified Kind. We grow in organic soil, utilize compost teas and organic amendments. We pay our employees a living wage, provide health insurance, value diversity, as well as environmental stewardship. We've won several awards for both our cannabis and our practices, such as Best CBD in the Cultivation Classic 3 years running, Best Greenest Workplace and Best Places to Work by Oregon Business journal, statewide across all industries, Best Cannabis Companies to work for by MG magazine, nationwide, among many more. Supporting our company means you are consuming top quality, organic cannabis grown by happy humans with love.

Why Willie’s Reserve?

Willie’s Reserve shares many of the values we care about at Yerba Buena. Willie’s cares about quality cannabis and we are honored to be among the chosen companies in Oregon to work alongside this company to share our flower with Willie’s consumers. We are excited to reach a greater platform and this partnership represents the opportunity to get clean, quality cannabis into the hands of more people. Plus, we love Willie Nelson!

Molly Parnell