Purple Mountain Farm

Location: Moffat, CO.

Established: 2018

Growers: Vail Burrell, Blake Burrell

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Why Cannabis?

Our Brother’s have had a love for cannabis since surfing the east coast beaches of Florida to shredding the powder in the Rockies. Both have a diverse background in large scale cultivation, retail bud tending and wholesale processing they have a unique perspective on what will maximize the potential of the plants.

Why Your Cannabis?

We take great care in every stage of the plant’s life to provide them with the optimal environment to thrive. Our growers hand water and feed each plant with a special blend of nutrients and beneficials that allow the plants to grow full and lush. We don’t stop with the attention to detail after we harvest the flowers. We cure our buds in glass, in a specially constructed curing room that provides the perfect environment to bring out the terpene profiles and trichomes. The experience of Purple Mountain Farm cannabis is something special.

Why Willie’s Reserve?

We have the ultimate respect for Willie and his advocacy for the Cannabis and Farming communities. Willies music can be heard in our greenhouses too.The plants love it and so do our growers. We are humbled and honored to supply Willie’s Reserve with flower that meets/exceeds the expectations of the Colorado Cannabis Community. We know you will enjoy it!

Molly Parnell